Channel Z Marketing Services


Branding, planning, audits…the big picture essentials to redirect or establish your identity, or introduce a new feature. Channel Z has the expertise to guide you through the process, step by step, and make the daunting achievable.


Websites, blogs, social media and video are the 21st century tools essential to reaching audiences wherever they are…and frequently. They have created more avenues for us, and more work! We can write, program, structure, design, and produce whatever you need, for a quick need or longer-term management.


From brochures to websites, print articles to blog posts, trade stories to speeches, we will turn your rough ideas into winning messages that tell your story and sell your organization.


Our team has decades of design experience producing whatever you need, including signage, collateral, websites, logos, and more. We start with your brand and message goals, and combine innovative style with practicality to position your organization exactly where you want to be, and within budget.

Other Services

  • Board management
  • Event/conference planning
  • Organizational management
  • Executive coaching
  • Cooperative programming

We like to bring people together from different perspectives to discover common goals
and reach them.